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restaurants in Los Angeles

    LA top restaurants
    The top restaurant in LA is Melisse serving contemporary French cuisine. The restaurant won many awards and is located in Santa Monica.
    Urasawa is the best sushi restaurant in LA. The restaurant has little seats and belongs to the most expensive restaurants.
    Providence has been considered as the best seafood and shellfish restaurant.

    LA best restaurants
    - Studio: Modern French (tudiolagunabeach.com)
    - The Belvedere: in the Peninsula Hotel
    - Marche Moderne: French
    - Spago (wolfgangpuck.com)
    - Marouch: Lebanese and Armenian cuisine
    - Il Grano: Italian cuisine

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    LA best seafood restaurants
    - Providence
    - Echigo

    LA Asian & sushi restaurants
    - Urasawa
    - Nishimura
    - Hamamori
    - Hamasaku

    LA best Italian restaurants
    - Il Grano (www.ilgrano.com)
    - Drago Centro (www.dragocentro.com)
    - Bestia (www.bestiala.com)
    - La Botte Ristorante (www.labottesantamonica.com)
    - Osteria Mozza (www.osteriamozza.com)

    LA best Indian restaurants
    - Bollywood Cafe (www.bollywoodcafela.com)
    - India's Clay Oven (indiasovenusa.com)
    - Agra Cafe (www.agracafe.com)

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